Safe Mothers, Safe Babies

Safe Mothers, Safe Babies
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09 March 2012

Get to know your SAFE Domestic Interns!

It has been a fantastic experience working with a team of committed, hard-working individuals from across the country to help run the behind-the-scenes workings of Safe Mothers, Safe Babies here in the United States. Working independently on projects has always been one of my strengths, but now, in my role as SAFE’s Communications Manager, I have had to use this skill more than ever. Part of the reason for this is that the SAFE team is dispersed all over the country, and therefore most of our communication occurs via telephone and Skype calls. While rewarding in its inherent challenge, at times it is hard to stay updated about what my fellow SAFE interns are up to with their own work for SAFE.  

To strengthen the connection among SAFE’s domestic interns, Emily Belnap, Secretary of Safe Mothers, Safe Babies, has made the suggestion that the interns start blogging weekly about what we do domestically to contribute to SAFE's smooth workings in Uganda. Not only will this effort help to keep all of us at SAFE in the loop, but it will also provide an excellent means of communicating what we do to all of you, our supporters!

As Communications Manager, and therefore the person who mostly keeps this blog updated, I thought I’d go first!

As Communications Manager, I try to keep our Facebook group, Twitter account, blog, and website updated as much as possible. Often, Jacquie or Tina will notify me of exciting news for SAFE and I will post it on each of our social media platforms. Otherwise, I will investigate whether there is anything new and exciting in the works, and write something up. In addition, my major projects thus far have been creating newsletters to communicate to our supporters and followers all of our successes (there have been many in the past year!) as well as what SAFE’s current projects are . I ask Jacquie, Tina, and Kat many questions, and they provide me with useful information, so that I am able to gain a better understanding of the process by which we implement our projects and how we are working with communities to better the lives of countless mothers and babies in Uganda through participatory development.

Talking to people is definitely the best way for me to be kept in the loop, but it also helps to keep on top of all the SAFE emails I am cc’ed on, because they definitely contain a lot of valuable information.

So, essentially that is what I do! I also just finished creating a brief feature newsletter in celebration of International Women’s Day – check it out below!

Now, I’m excited to hear what all the other interns have been up to lately in their work for Safe Mothers, Safe Babies!

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Great to have you on our team, Lisa! Thanks for all you do! -Emily