Safe Mothers, Safe Babies

Safe Mothers, Safe Babies
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06 March 2012

Become a SAFE Domestic Intern!

Interested in working with a team of individuals from across the country? Want to learn more about maternal and neonatal health and community development in Uganda? Have the desire to contribute to a non-profit organization that affects real change in the lives of many?

Join Safe Mothers, Safe Babies as a Domestic Intern and do meaningful work here in the U.S. that has a huge impact on ensuring the success of SAFE's projects in Uganda.

Positions currently available:

Donor Relations Chair

The Donor Relations Chair is responsible for grant reporting and keeping in touch with SAFE’s donors. This includes follow-up after grant or donation dispersal as well as keeping an ongoing database of donors current. As more grants are implemented, the Donor Relations Chair can find a suitable candidate to fill the position of Grant Manager for specific grants, especially ones that require a great deal of accounting and oversight. This time commitment will depend on the time of year and number of grants SAFE is implementing.

Fundraising Chair

The fundraising chair is responsible for setting fundraising goals in consultation with SAFE
officers, and then planning and conducting fundraisers to meet said goals. The coordinator
recruits his or her team with whom to work, while also interacting with trip leaders and
international volunteers to conduct pre-departure fundraising activities. The chair reports to
the president via conference call biweekly, and sends written reports as requested, at least once
every two months and after the close of every fundraiser. A yearly fundraising plan outlining
the goals for the upcoming year should be created in coordination with the treasurer to ensure
SAFE’s fundraising meets the projected budget. The role of fundraising chair affords a great
deal of flexibility and creativity on the part of the Chairperson as they can mold the direction of
the organization’s fundraising efforts.

To obtain an application form, contact Emily Belnap at:

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