Safe Mothers, Safe Babies

Safe Mothers, Safe Babies
Photo Credit: Anne Sherwood

31 October 2011

Zaina: E-ranger Advocate

Nakagolo Zaina from Bugandadala (married to Twaha Megelo with seven children) went to a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) during her labor pains. After detecting signs of complications during the delivery, the TBA referred her to Ibulanku Health center. Zaina used a Boda-Boda to reach Ibulanku and paid 2,000 Ugandan shillings.

At Ibulanku, Zaina received maximum care from the midwife, Harriet. Harriet detected that the complications would be best handled by a higher facility, and referred Zaina to the Iganga District Hospital. Zaina was also provided with a SAFE Maama Kit (with necessary supplies for delivery), without which she couldn’t have received care at the hospital.

Zaina was recommended to use the eRanger ambulance. Isma, the trained driver, drove her along with a medical attendant to the Iganga Hospital where she successfully delivered a baby boy (Abdal Rah man Eliasa)!

Zaina praised the care and attention given to her during her labor pain and recommended the usage of the eRanger as a much safer means of transport for expectant mothers over other conventional methods.

Zaina’s Massage to Mothers Ibulanku sub-county “I encourage expecting mothers to go and attend antenatal clinics at Ibulanku Health center because of a number of education, mosquito net and information given to pregnant women, I also encourage mothers to use the e-ranger ambulance during labor pain because it is combatable to handle such situation”.

Zaina’s Massage to Safe Mothers Safe Babies SAFE “Thanks for the services of eRanger ambulance, Maama kit, and the mosquito net that helped me to deliver safely”.  

Zaina also promised to join SAFE on this cause of reaching more pregnant women freely.

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