Safe Mothers, Safe Babies

Safe Mothers, Safe Babies
Photo Credit: Anne Sherwood

07 December 2012

Save for SAFE Delivery: Launch Coming Soon!

One primary barrier to accessesing health care is lack of funds. While maternity care is supposed to be free in Uganda, shortages of supplies, sources of light, and transportation require that women and their families be able to purchase their own medical supplies (gloves, soap, razor to cut the cord, plastic sheeting to deliver on, IV and needle if fluids are required, sanitary pad), candles or paraffin (for a lantern), and public transportation to get to the hospital.

Enter Save for SAFE Delivery! A program devised by rural communities working with SAFE's Program Manager, Medie, Save for SAFE Delivery creates small wooden saving boxes that women can by from community civil society organizations. As soon as a woman knows she is pregnant (or decides she wants to get pregnant), she purchases a box at a cost of $0.37, (which is affordable), and then drops 100 shillings or $0.04US into the box every day. On average, she'll be able to save between $8 and $10USD by the time she delivers, which is enough to purchase the needed items, promoting the sustainability of other community projects, and more importantly, helping more women access timely medical care during pregnancy and delivery!!

Check out these photos, the program is being formally launched later this month!!

Community organizations painting the boxes blue to help them sell better.
Boxes have been constructed, moving to logo painting.

A male community member and civil society leader preparing to paint white onto the boxes.
We love when men are involved in supporting maternal health. Don't you!?!

Woman painting logo onto the boxes using a screen.

Finishing the first batch of boxes for one area.

Complete! "Pregnant women giving bank: Help families save funds for deliveries."

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