Safe Mothers, Safe Babies

Safe Mothers, Safe Babies
Photo Credit: Anne Sherwood

16 August 2012

SAFE's Stellar Staff Week 1: Mukalu Medie

Today, we're starting a new blog series called "SAFE's Stellar Staff," in which at least once per week, SAFE will feature a current staff member (paid or volunteer) and the ways that they contribute to SAFE and, more importantly, improving the lives of women and children. This week, we are featuring the SAFE Program Manager, Mukalu Medie!

Medie has been working with Safe Mothers, Safe Babies since it was known as its predecessor, the Vassar Uganda Project. He started out as a volunteer translator, and did such wonderful work that we hired him full time in 2010! Since then, Medie has become an integral part of making the SAFE program work at the village level. He helps to implement all SAFE projects, and plays a big role in working with interns and program partners on all project activities. He is also a fierce, passionate advocate for maternal and child health, and community development in general.

In his free time, Medie serves as a Board Member at Large for an Iganga-based nonprofit with which SAFE has worked on various projects, the Uganda Village Project. He is also an active participant in Rotary International. Medie is planning on pursuing a Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health through Uganda Christian University in 2013.

So happy to have Mukalu Medie as our Program Manager!

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